Curated by Annemarie Murland

About the Bothy Wunderkammer Collective

From Newcastle and beyond, the Bothy Wunderkammer Collective was formed in 2021 to generate awareness of local collectable fine art. As entrepreneurial creatives, the collective is committed to delivering stimulating multi-media works of art, art exhibitions, artist's talks, and educational programs to cultivate active collaborations and partnerships within the local community and with each other.

The Exhibition, 'After Fieldwork'

Official Opening: Friday 17 June | 6pm

Titled, After Fieldwork, this exhibition presents a curated selection of fine art from 11 local artists who have national and international exhibiting profiles. The works of art are available off the wall and shelf, operating on a rotational basis throughout the 2-week exhibition. The artwork is diverse in media, inviting art lovers, new and established collectors, and everyone in-between to add to or start an art collection. All works are priced between $100 to $1700 to encourage investment and support local artists.

Step in to The Show Room, where Newcastle's industrial past has inspired our exclusive event and exhibition venue.

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