Two emerging local talents present 'Liminal' - the dreamers and their dreams. A debut exhibition exploring the senses and sensuality from two contrasting perspectives.

Exhibition 13 May to the 29th of May 2022

Opening night: Friday 13 May, 5pm to 8pm

Emily Andoni is an emerging contemporary artist whose practice explores the figurative characteristics of the human form. Her work is inspired by her Graphic Design and Advertising background which expresses an intense need for storytelling. Her work is described as having a dark narrative that evokes a sense of curiosity in the viewer and their desire to know more. Born in 1985 in Melbourne, Emily only started painting in 2017 whilst pregnant with her 3rd child. Emily is a self-taught artist which has allowed her to explore her style without the constraints of tradition. She studied BA Visual Communication (Design) Hons at the University of Newcastle and completed her studies in 2006.

Local artist, Julie McVey, has been painting a wide variety of subject matter, utilising various mediums, for over 10 years. While initially painting for her own satisfaction she subsequently received commissions for abstracts, portraits and landscapes. This prompted the move towards a broader presentation of her work through an exhibition. Julie predominately creates vibrantly coloured acrylic paintings but also enjoys working with watercolours, inks and other mixed media. In this, her first exhibition, Julie explores the idea of conveying texture and stimulating senses. As an aside you may also recognise Julie from her performances at several local venues where her musical creativity finds expression as a solo singer/guitarist. Painting remains her passion however!

Step in to The Show Room, where Newcastle's industrial past has inspired our exclusive event and exhibition venue.

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