Exhibition: from Friday 26 August to Sunday 11 September 2022

Opening event: Saturday 27 August, 3pm to 5pm

Permanent Rainbow is an exhibition of new paintings and works on paper. This series evolved from collages made late last year that will also be exhibited.

The collages were constructed quickly and intuitively, using reference images and printed photographs, along with coloured paper and simple expressive lines that echo the work of abstract expressionist painters like Motherwell and de Kooning.

The reference photographs are mined from collections of images stored over many years; the subjects are largely preoccupations that have been present in Nick's work for decades. For example, symbols of suburbia (Breezeblock, iron gates, domestic garden beds, indoor plants) and themes that reoccur from childhood (the bold, flat designs of national flags and football shirts from the 80's and 90's). He encouraged the random and automatic selections of colours (from the collaged coloured paper) and spontaneous lines to create surprising choices that would never be selected otherwise.

The Collages were then used as a starting point for works on paper and larger paintings. The juxtaposition of figurative elements (photographs) and abstract colour fields (created by the coloured paper and gestural lines) collide on the same picture plane and created a vibrant and curious tension. Spatial ambiguity is deliberately explored between the colliding elements.

The works in Permanent Rainbow entwine several desperate stands of subject and explorations that have informed Nick's practice over the last 20 years and frame them in a new and spontaneous light. He was excited to be able to incorporate seemingly opposing painterly elements; Large scale abstract mark making, carefully rendered figurative elements, bold hard-edge geometry, and similarly a collision of random subject interests.

Step in to The Show Room, where Newcastle's industrial past has inspired our exclusive event and exhibition venue.

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