Ashlee has completed an Advanced Diploma of Fine Art at Newcastle Art School, is a practicing artist, art teacher and art Support Worker. She has exhibited her works in solo and group exhibitions as well as creating numerous murals around Newcastle.

Ashlee has had a innate passion for creating art from a very young age. She loves experimenting and exploring with an array of different art materials, but particularly enjoys acrylic painting and drawing. She has an affinity to create with a kaleidoscopic pallet, and uses courageous mark making to produce energetic works of art that are raw and playful. Ashlee’s inspiration is magnetized from nature, and day-to-day experiences, and this is infused into her work through reoccurring signs and symbolism.

An immense believer in art as a means of self-expression, Ashlee finds the act of art making therapeutic and enlightening. She feels that it is an honourable experience to guide others to this awareness through her creations and teachings.

Step in to The Show Room, where Newcastle's industrial past has inspired our exclusive event and exhibition venue.

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