Welcome to The Owens Collective, the former name of a bustling food co-op. Inspired by the legacy of 20th century Islington grocer R. J. Owens, this commercial and warehouse space has been redesigned into a suite of unique commercial and residential spaces creating a new home of opportunity in Newcastle.

In 2020 we embarked on an ambitious renovation, upgrading the commercial spaces to include a commercial kitchen, also adding Mrs Owens lofts which are available for short term stays and a magnificent roof top pool which can be enjoyed by our guests. With sustainability in mind we managed to recycle the 100 year old timber boards that Tess walked on, beautiful pressed metal ceilings from the original co-op shop front and many of the original materials giving the spaces a unique industrial vibe.

The Owens Collective offers a range of commercial and residential spaces for lease, combined with a unique multipurpose warehouse space that hosts a range of events like corporate off-site's, seminars, workshops, board meetings, photo-shoots, videography and special laneway events and markets.

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