Hugh Doyle weaves a vivid world that encompasses an impressive variety of themes, mediums and moments.

Friday to Sunday 3rd June to -12th June 2022 | 11am - 4pm

Exhibition Launch: Saturday 4th June | 5pm - 8pm

These moments, inspired by the artist's proximity to the bush and the ocean, are a playful mixture of oils and acrylics that spin a rich, earthy story, while simultaneously evoking an organic chaos. Like the trees and tides that inspired them, Doyle's works gather and grow to flourish on their canvas.

From bold statements made with thick, layered strokes, to elegant almost gonzo-esque lineworks, Doyle's work is as fresh as it is experimental. His colours are at times subdued and moody, but just as frequently leap with a life and vibrancy that could be described as electric. It is dark, but it is bright. It is soft, but it is sharp. It is portraiture, but it is abstraction. Like the natural forces that shaped them, these works embody a contrast that proves to be most thought-provoking. Marking a significant step in the artist's journey, Doyle's latest exhibition is proudly presented for public enjoyment.

Winning the National Tertiary Art Prize whilst at university, Doyle's work has been acquired by the musician Mark Wells and Co-founder/CEO of Atlassian Scott Farquhar.

- Shea Evans.

Step in to The Show Room, where Newcastle's industrial past has inspired our exclusive event and exhibition venue.

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